Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Man Hats 3: Hard Evidence

Readers may remember Kuala Lumpur Chris's shattering intervention in the man hat debate. He suggested the Malyasian Songkok as the solution to all our woes. Now he sends a picture of himself in action to prove the point. Can anybody question the suave air of authority bestowed by this distinguished head gear?


  1. Hoods are worn on the back as an indicator of academic status. These are of the notable Cambridge Full shape. The hood consists of a cape, cowl, liripipe, and tippet. The neckband of a hood is of the outer colour, with no edging of the lining material. The corners of tippets are square. The design of hoods as set by University Ordinances. (Source: University of Cambridge website)
    I might have stretched the concept, but then dashing round East Anglia in a songkok ! (Which looks a bit oily). Isn't there a hat used by Cromwell someplace near you. A leather job, and built for the climate.
    Anyhoos, whichever way you go, go strong. Nothing as bad as something wishy-washy.

  2. the controllerMay 01, 2007 8:05 am

    I see from the wire connecting his brain via the ear, that he is one of our Shiney Flickering Remote Controlled Happy Happy People.

  3. hats without brims, it's pointless really. which brings to mind other brim free headwear; the fez and the dunce's cone, all objects of comic ridicule.

  4. those catalogue illustrations for songkoks (follow the links) look remarkably like the pouffes of the 70s. you'd come home with one after visiting the Ideal Home Exhibition down Earl's Court and stuff it with Dad's old newspapers.

    then came the bean-bags and it all went pear shaped after that.

  5. Is Chris being given a sobriety test by the officer?

    What is the context of the photo? He looks like a Secret Service guy with that ear wire.

  6. I found a photo of the Cromwell hat and, OOOOOPS.
    The real thing is in a museum in Huntingdon. But I lean towards the leather idea, it has a certain raw practicality.
    I really couldn't advocate for the witchfinder general look, of the first post.

  7. He makes documentary films, Susan, the ear piece may be something to do with this - or he is keeping something under his hat.

  8. i'm told there are only two hats worthy of men: a cowboy hat, and a SAS-style woolly cap. However i'd make a case for the hat used by Goldfinger's henchman to decapitate troublemakers. That's a hat a man could wear without shame.

    Also, surely a SAS or terrorist-style balaclava could be worn without incurring scoffs?

    i move that Bryan replace his present, amiable but tough avuncular avatar with one of himself staring at the camera through the eyeholes of a black balaclava to make the point that men can wear hats if they please, and no scoffing thank you very much.

  9. I have received a number of queries in connection with the single ear phone. You are all wrong. In fact it is a direct feed from Richard Dawkins who offered protection from religious propaganda in a Muslim culture - and hat.