Friday, May 11, 2007


Here is a crudely fashioned link to a story that is not funny.

Here, to go with it, is a quotation from Paul Goodman's Growing Up Absurd:
'If children went to school from the day they were born in order to be taught how to speak, a good percentage of the population would be unable to do so, or would stutter.'
Wise words.


  1. Heather YaxleyMay 11, 2007 6:05 pm

    Another step closer to Brave New World. I quite like the surreal idea though of toddlers going home from "talk school" and trying to engage their grunting parents in intelligent conversation.

  2. Depressing story indeed. In my view, if a child can't manage a sentence by 5 years of age it is a sign of parental neglect.

  3. Then you have kids like my son: He began talking clearly at about 9 months and NEVER SHUT UP. I altered a Walt Whitman poem to refer to Mark:

    "Out of the cradle, endlessly talking."

    He's still that way, but since he's morphed into quite a comedian, he's easier to endure. Even when we're mad at him, we're laughing.

  4. I return from three days in the sarf of Ingland and I see there's been a veritable posting bonanza. All plans for doing other things have been cancelled so that I can catch up