Saturday, May 19, 2007


This late news must await the return of the Master for fuller consideration. Meanwhile, we can but rejoice - in the end, it seems, Scotty did indeed have enough power.

On the other hand - while it's been good to see the England cricket team making runs, what on earth were they doing wearing those yellow ribbons? Presumably this was to show support for the parents of the missing child Madeleine McCann. Hmmm. This is the kind of look-at-me-caring gesture we expect of footballers, not cricketers for heaven's sake. This throws some light on the phenomenon...


  1. "Eh shite, we've lost the bloody ashes(not a cricket analogy). What do we do. This could sink the company."
    "Emmm........Ehhhhhhhh....I think I got it. We wait a while, get another container, put some ashes from a fire or some bullshit into it, say Hurrah, we found it, and try to make the most of the surrounding publicity."

    As for the whole idea itself:
    "When I die, I'd like them to incinerate the body, and whatever bits of ash that remains 'd like to be sent into outer space as I think I'd really enjoy the feeling of liberation that would ensue from these dust particles being chucked out the window."
    Living the dream.

  2. "But love, what about down the garden or maybe that spot on the river bank where you loved to go fishing? Space is a long way away and could be a real headache to arrange."
    "I want my ashes to go into outer space, damnit. Is that asking too much?"
    "I wish you never got that part."

  3. Why in the world would anybody pay to have their cremated remains visit space ?!?