Saturday, May 05, 2007


Well that was surprisingly easy. If only I had something to say. Hoping to have an idea tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Bryan, Bryan, where are you? Can you hear me? Come back. Don't forsake us to this blacke hole of nothingness.

  2. I am devastated by this news and am trying to adapt one of my more familiar aphorisms to accord with out current plight:

    'WE possess art lest we perish of the truth'.

    First try (but i've only had half a glass of wine)

    'We possess Bryan lest we perish of the truth'.

    Nah, Bryan tells the truth, he is the truth.

    'We possess 'thought experiments' lest we perish of the world.

    A bit better, but could be better. Any takers? Maybe you Bryan now that you are no longer in charge.

    O dismal day. O loneliest of loneliest.

  3. One might say "he has failed the test" - but what does this shew us? We need to ask, what is this queer thing we do when we are "testing"? And I say - we are confused in we think it is queer. If one says - "Nige did the test, he can tell if it tested right" - but then whatever seems right is right, and then we can't talk about blogging.

  4. Off to a flying start, Nige. Good luck.