Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday News Round-Up

Advertising News: 'Dr Martens is very sorry for any offence that has been caused by the publication of images showing dead rock icons wearing Dr Martens boots.' Well quite, everybody knows dead rock icons wear big bunny slippers with sunglasses.
Research I don't believe: Marijuana intoxication does not adversely impact decision making. Or at least I think I don't believe it. Did I say that or just think it?
Scientology pays off: As exclusively forecast by Thought Experiments, scientology is improving the lives of Vicky and Dave. Thanks to L. Ron, Becks may now be recalled for the worst football team in the world.
Coke's Ice: Alerted by my thoughts on their dilution policy, Coca-Cola has taken steps to remedy the ice-defects in health drinks.
Cornish Sleeper: Traumatised by my shock departure from Cornwall, a Cornishman (they all look like that) has gone to sleep.
Gates-Jobs: Encouraged by the stirring example of Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates promise a full kiss with tongues at a rare public meeting.
And that's the way it is this holiday weekend.

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  1. ah, at the same time as I read about jesus of penzance, I was cheered up by the tale of tenacity of irish tramp harry hallowes.

    now the choice is, would you rather spend 11 sleepless days and nights in a cornish bar or 20 years living in a box on hampstead heath?