Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Hewitt Insultancy

As Channel 4 News reports that yet more sensitive, intelligent and competent people are refusing to have anything do do with the fabulously botched NHS reforms - this on top of the collapse of the unbelievably expensive IT system - it is worth reminding ourselves that Patricia Hewitt, the health secretary, was once head of research at management insultants Accenture in the days when it was known as Andersen Insulting, a name it, naturally, had to suppress after the little unpleasantness over Enron and various other corporate embarrassments. I just think we ought to remind ourselves of that every few hours or so.


  1. To be fair, it had to suppress the Andersen name after it lost the rights to it to Arthur Andersen (the accountancy firm responsible for Enron). This happened a year or so before Enron came to light.

  2. The same Accenture that had such a lousy record with the NHS IT program that it withdrew. It's all OK now I'm informed ...