Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Brain Again

David suggested Nige and I should distinguish ourselves with different fonts, so here's a trial post. I am now human133607. I have been given this name by humanbraincloud.com. This is a word association game that seems to have got out of hand. But, when it does, it is hypnotic and utterly time-wasting. I was on my way from boring through life to breakfast and cereal, hoping, naturally, to find my way to Shreddies, but then the site crashed again. Still, as I said, the brain's clearly the thing.


  1. oops, now you're at it - 404 on the braincloud (sounds native american - or red injun for the non-pc). never mind, nice font.

  2. oh no, my mistake - it appears to be an overloaded cpu instead.

  3. i quite like having to guess which manifestation of The Yard i'm reading from the prose style, before getting to the signature.