Monday, July 23, 2007

Phil the Gypsy

I just heard someone say Prince Philip has been patron of the Caravan Club since 1952. I assumed, naturally, that I was dreaming. But, it turns out, he is.  Until some lunatic appoints Tony Blair as a Middle East peace envoy, I nominate this as the most preposterous example ever of the wrong man in the wrong job... Ohmygod!


  1. the wrong man and the wrong job? what carelessness! And this after watching Alfie last night and I'm still trying to get my head around the line; ''..and don't take nuffin' that don't belong to ya, neither!

    well, I suppose it was early days for the queen and phil and, like most of us when we're starting out, you need to put something on your CV. Maybe he thought, being recently made Admiral of the Fleet, it was something to do with ships (of the desert)?

  2. Good point, Ian, I guess he just wanted to belong. Camels are a distinct possibility.

  3. What about the Queen (and her late mum before her, Gawd bless er) and this organisation. You can just see them in their flat caps pottering in their lofts can't you?