Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fonts And Fontmen

New font eh? Look like yours is bigger than mine, Bryan - might have known. Can I have one of these? Rather like the look of Monk.
This post is for font-testing purposes, but I think we should also reassure insomniac bloggers on East Coast USA that an unfamiliar luminous yellow object has appeared over London today, the skies are a startling and unnatural blue, and an eerie silence has replaced the din of sheeting rain. Can't last, of course...


  1. Be assured we are all relieved and thankful for this respite for Englishmen and butterflies, although not necessarily in that order.

  2. Nice try, Nige, but the Google Gods don't appreciate those who toy with their preset formats. Thus you may be in store for 40 more days of rain. How's that ark-building coming? (If forced to choose between butterflies and Peter, we're confident you know your duty.)

  3. Hi, boys-- I'm so glad the sun's come out for you! Blue skies, no candy.....