Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Days in the Guardian Tub

First, sorry for what we cutting edge techies call an 'outage' yesterday between 5pm and 8pm. A few hundred thousand sites were down because of an organisation called Fasthosts (ha!). Anyway, I'm back and ready to rumble.
There's a Guardian leader on the expulsion of the four Russian diplomats in response to Moscow's refusal to hand over Andrei Lugovoi. The leader ends: 'Confrontation is in no-one's interest. But nor is letting freelance murders take place on the streets of London.' Therefore, I would have thought, confrontation IS in our interest. But, no, see sentence one, confrontation is in NO-ONE's interests and that must include us, even though confrontation IS in our interest, see sentence two. I always wanted to be a Guardianista, it's such a drowsy, comfortable life, like one long hot bath where you don't have to make up your mind about anything.


  1. clumsy. but we know what they mean which is why english is the best language on planet earth.

    is no-one hyphenated? I would write 'no one' but I have seen noone, though this is confusing when talking about the singer of Herman's Hermits, like, Noone sings like noone.

  2. I tend to use 'nobody' to avoid that issue.