Friday, July 13, 2007

Fall of Weird Conrad

So Conrad Black is guilty of fraud etc but not racketeering etc. I met the man three times and never found him anything less than weird. On each occasion he had some specific agenda - porn, opera and how well the French speak French (really) - which he pursued irrespective of what anybody else said. Perhaps he did this because he found me weird and/or boring. You never know and, given that the charges of which he has been found guilty could carry a sentence of up to 35 years, now I never will.


  1. He's wrong too - the French speak rubbish French. Can't understand a word of it half the time.

  2. I watched the report on this at the beginning of the BBC 10 O'clock news last night. There was Fiona Bruce in the studio, a filmed report, a soundbite from Andrew Neill, and some random news journalist in the studio, and between the four of them, all they said was:

    (i) Conrad Black was an old-style news 'baron';

    (ii) He took money from share-holders;

    (ii) He might go to jail for 30-odd years, and he wasn't expecting that!

    Unless I drifted off at the vital point, I don't think that any attempt was made to explain exactly what the fraud was, the possible motives for it, or the course which the trial had taken.

    The National TV news for adults in 2007 has now descended to a point where it is less informative than John Craven's Newsround was in the 1970s.