Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marge Simpson and the IDF

While noting that Marge Simpson is one of the Girls of Maxim, a MILF apparently, I stumbled across the startling fact that Maxim has a special sections for girls of the Israeli Defense Forces - 'They're drop-dead gorgeous and can take apart an Uzi in seconds. Are the women of the Israeli Defense Forces the world's sexiest soldiers?' 
Well, I don't know, are they? And, if so, why are they?


  1. In fact, I am now considering new sections for this site - Girls of the Paddington Post Office, Babes of Bayswater etc.

  2. sensitive about sounding anti-semetic I am at this moment but ever since I was a young man I've had a thing about jewish girls - yes, they have a certain something, innate sexuality - not to mention big breasts and small waists. unfortunately I don't feel the same way about jewish mothers. no offence, ladies, I think it's a general MILF thing.

    (General Milf - she's in the tank regiment, you know?)

  3. i was once fiercely lambasted by a MILF for my apparent raging phallus power in using the acronym MILF. i retaliated by apologising, and then repeatedly referring to her as "a sexy MILF" and advising her to get some sexy MILF stockings (www.stockingirl.com), sending her pictures of MILF in stockings, etc.

    The MILF dynamic is a thing of great mystery & in better times would have spawned a religion of some sort. In these dark days, we have, alas, only porn sites which aren't really that MILFtastic anyway.

    i think you should have a MILF section where you can get to grips with the issue.

  4. well done, elberry. that lot should bump up the traffic nicely...

  5. bump up the traffic?
    well I got here - but I wasn't searching for MILF