Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Madeley Honoured

I have, in a condition of some bemusement at the day's events, added the astounding Richard Madeley to my blogroll. It is, Richard, the equivalent of a Cardinal's Hat.


  1. I'm now wearing my bishop's hat with a cravat and I'm looking quite dapper. I'm delighted by this unlooked for honour, Bryan, and I just hope your intelligent readership will soon come to understand me as I believe you understand me. It's like we’re all kin from the planet Znarg.

    I will add you to my blogroll too, though Judy still has to be convinced about your place in our next book club. If you do write another book, she asks if you could find an upside to death.

  2. Here's the upside to death (as long as it's not your own): One less person in line at the checkout!

  3. death is always a good thing, surely? - if it's tedious, then it's good to get the dying over, and if it's fun then it makes for a good ending.

    And Richard's is a fantastic blog! - perhaps even a Papal Legate of a blog?

  4. Beat you to it, Bryan. Richard went onto my roll yesterday. :)

    By the way, Richard never offered to add me to his blogroll.

  5. Higham is a fool and offers his most abject and sincere and deeply grovelling apologies to the shade of Richard.

    Richard has indeed added him to the roll and Higham is gobsmacked that he's in the same august company as Bryan Appleyard.


  6. "it's the equivqlent of a cardinal's hat..." - as the actress said to the bishop, I believe!

    I think a "Znarg" would be a good cocktail. Perhaps I should try and invent it and send the recipe on, Richard; you could feature it on the show.

  7. Susan, I’ll have to blog on this very subject tomorrow. I’m often asked to voice my opinions about mortality and I think it only appropriate now we’ve lost Ingmar Bergman, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Phil Drabble in the last 24 hours.

    Elberry, you're so kind that I've had to add you to my blogroll. If we had space on the sofa tomorrow, I'd even have you on the show. Unfortunately, we’ll be discussing pond algae with Charlie Dimmock.

    Daimyo Higham-Baka-Ohta, I'm afraid you'll get no further than the green room unless you can direct me to this link you’ve promised me. Of course, if you can get me a high position in your next blog focus I might be able to send you some more freebies from our wine club.

    Ms. Baroque, I fear Bryan would expect royalties for every Znarg cocktail we sold.

  8. It is amusing that the irony of your article should be sustained over this.

    Well, at least I hope more than one audience was intended.

  9. ...Of course, if you can get me a high position in your next blog focus I might be able to send you some more freebies from our wine club...

    Way ahead of you again, Richard. The link was cunningly hidden under a garden bench in the turnip patch but a quick peruse of the Purple Roll will see certain changes.

    BF Wednesday is, surprisingly, on Wednesday. Bryan might note that as well.

  10. Richard, i'm flattered but i'm not interesting. However i recall Dimmock was a MILF a few years ago, perhaps she's graduated to GILF, but if still MILF perhaps i can cheer "MILF! MILF! MILF!" to inspire her, since algae is quite a tough topic, even for a gardening MILF. Anyway, you had my father on your show once, so that's enough vicarious fame for me.

  11. Who is (was) your father, Elberry? I'm intrigued.
    Like it, Susan. As long as they don't keel over in the queue while you're in it. A man standing right next to me did just that as I waited for a bus about a year ago. This may sound a bit callous, but when the bus came a couple of minutes later I got on. Others were holding on for the ambulance and whatnot. Of course, I wouldn't dream of leaving a dead body on the pavement and walking away. I have some principles. I did fetch his glasses from the gutter and place them in his inside pocket. But there was nothing else I could do and I had to get home. It did play on my mind for a few days, as it was so unexpected (he looked fine when he joined the queue) and the sound of his head hitting the pavement...not a nice sound.

  12. Wow. Rubbing (virtual) shoulders with the rich and famous now.

    2 questions: is this reverence due to all inhabitants of the planet Znarg or is this a special case, and is it OK to admit in polite society that you watch R&J ?

  13. my father was the very tall documentary maker and hounder of the famous, Jamie Campbell. He did a kind of reality TV show a while ago, and is still tall.