Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Dada Chinese Takeaway

It's all falling into place... On the very day that Bryan declares a neo-Dadaist Recipe of the Day, a flyer comes through my door for the Dada Chinese Takeaway (honestly - I'd post a link if they had a website). This is glad news - we were all getting fed up with the Surrealist takeaway (nothing but fish, and pancakes with clock faces). Here's an example of neo-Dadaist food if ever there was one - food you can drive...
And while we're talking art, I forced myself to visit an exhibition at the Royal Academy yesterday which labours under the blatantly come-and-get-it title of Impressionists At The Seaside. It turns out to contain several of Courbet's seascapes - stunning works which really need to be seen - and three wholly unexpected Whistler gems (all from America). Much else of interest too - and the Impressionist stuff mostly confined to one heaving room.
Enough art- I'm ringing the Dada takeaway. Got some food I want taking away.


  1. most chinese food looks accidental. sorry, i mean looks like an accident.

    but how come chinese takeaways always look the same? there's an excessively brylcremed bloke behind a massive and over-high counter on which seemingly has little purpose - possibly because it is impractically high - and the suspicious gaze of an old woman behind a small serving hatch beyond and a telly in the corner shows old marx brothers films.

    ah, yes, high street dadaism at work.

  2. Chinese chip shops are a fine expression of postmodern Britain. There's a poem about that, you know.

  3. Pancakes with clock faces are not Dada, they are surrealist. Even Nige nods. A Dada pancake would be a small horse.

  4. Those pancakes, clever clogs, were from the Surrealist takeaway. I rest my case.

  5. Susan BaléeJuly 26, 2007 2:51 pm

    "One heaving room" -- I love it. That is precisely what a room of impressionist landscapes would look like!

    Today I'm taking my son downtown to see the King Tut exhibit at our science museum. Lots of money for a ticket to see how wealthy the Egyptians were back in the day. But he'll like it. This is the boy who got a book on decoding hieroglyphs when he was 7 and began writing in ancient script.

    Did this exhibit come through London already? I know they all do. We're getting the Renoir landscapes in Sept. and I'm sure you already had it -- Bryan made disparaging remarks on this blog about those paintings.

  6. at least twice, susan. quite recently and I remember queuing to see Tooting Car Moon as a boy. the second time didn't include the gold head which is all anyone wanted to see.

  7. Ian, as long as the Chinese food doesn't look Occidental you're probably fine.