Sunday, July 08, 2007

Two Examples of Men Saying Things that are Very Unlikely to be True

1)Stuart Prebble. Alastair Campbell's diaries are about to appear. They will be accompanied by a three-part BBC series. Prebble, who made the series, says of Campbell: 'If your knowledge of him comes only from the media, you impression might be of a man who is confident, takes no prisoners. When you read the book you get the impression of a guy who is more vulnerable. He may look impregnable, but when you see his reaction to David Kelly, for example, it was devastating to him.'  You've got to hand it to Ali, he spun confident and impregnable, now he's spinning vulnerable and devastated.
2)Admiral Sir Alan West. Gordon Brown's new security minister talks about eliminating the terrorist threat in Britain - 'This is not a quick thing. I believe it will take 10 to 15 years.' Personally, I think it will take either 9 or 16 years. Or two and a half minutes. Or not. 


  1. I heard the Sir Alan West pearl this morning on the BBC and it just made me sad. People seem to feel the need to just talk when a microphone is shoved under their nose and then almost inevitably say something crass.

  2. I don't watch TV anyway, but if I did I could not imagine anything less appealing than a 3 part series about A Campbell. Even one programme on him would be more than enough. What is going on here? Why is the BBC devoting so much time to this mean-spirited individual who epitomises the presentation without substance which now sadly has infiltrated every fabric of business and society.