Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Britain's Booze Shame

I blush to bring this to your attention. When decoded and deconstructed, it reveals the shocking truth that the UK is 13th in the European drinking league, just barely above the EU average and struggling to drink even two-thirds as much as the doughty Luxembourgeois, Czechs and Estonians. Come on Britain, pull your socks up - you're just not trying!


  1. Here's an opportunity for a double win for the UK. Drink more beer to move up in the drinking league and it will make you more obese! What could be better?

  2. Ah, but the Mail has managed to find the angle. Our secret booze shame is we're drinking more than before. What we need is an economic downturn, that'll cut disposable income which in turn will cut eating and drinking. Result slimmer and more sober people.

  3. if quality was factored in I'm certain we'd be a lot lower (or higher depending on your angle - worse still, I mean!)