Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Child in Me

I note that number one in the Twenty Five Signs You Have Grown Up is 'Your houseplants are alive'. Plants top themselves at the mere mention of my name. I have - Glory be! - not grown up.


  1. Does #24 scan a tad odd to you.
    But, when Buckfast is used as and in the amounts that the monks intended. Might be inserted in its stead.

  2. houseplants? like real plants - inside your house? cool!

  3. It's possible you're just evil: my father's house (think of Davie Ferrie's house in JFK) was full of Catholic icons and dead houseplants, the latter killed by his aura of almost tangible menace.

    Despite leaving the doors unlocked & open all the time he was never burgled: i suspect anyone foolish enough to stay in the house for long enough to unhook the tv would have gone the way of the houseplants.