Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Satnav Politics?

Lame catchphrase of the day comes courtesy of Lib Dem leadership candidate Nick Clegg/ Satnav politics eh? Dashed clever, that'll surely catch on, that'll inflame the electorate... I thought Chris Huhne was the one on drugs.


  1. they'll go on forever and never admit they're lost...

  2. Nick Clegg has got a nerve. I recently bought the Lib Dem Sat-Nav system known as 'ALICE' (A Leadership: Inspirational, Creative, Enlightened). Not quite as catchy as 'TomTom', but after bad experiences with 'GordGord' and 'DaveDave', I thought it worth a go. But it's rubbish! I went where it directed me, but meandered hopelessly for hours, driving along single track dirt roads, over infertile fields which looked more like dust bowls than bread baskets, along narrow, ill thought-out, by-passes, ending up twenty miles behind my starting point. I took ALICE back and asked the doddery old bloke behind the counter (who claimed he was only 66) how the Lib Dems could justify a name like 'ALICE'? He explained, with more than a hint of bitterness, that, in truth, it stood for 'A Load of Incoherent Codswallop Etc' He wasn't sure about the 'Etc' but felt it possessed an utter vagueness that fitted so well with Lib Dem philosophy. Next time, I'll catch a bus.