Sunday, October 07, 2007

Meet Bjorn

In The Sunday Times I interview Bjorn Lomborg, the environmental sceptic.


  1. Interesting note about cycling in the city not the forests. People's thinking is so determined by their environment, it's a rare man who isn't just the spokesman for a 'city consciousness'. Things look very different when you've fought bears mano a bearo on the mountain.

    It's hard for city dwellers to credit the possibility of a world beyond the human. But that world 'beyond the human' in fact includes the human; to be human is to be within a reality that is extra-human. Cities are all about forgetting this. Our society is driven by this curious need to deny a reality not controlled by nor taking its value from the human. But stand on a mountain and fight a grizzly with nothing but your kill hand, and the human enterprise seems, if not absurd & meaningless, then at least qualified by all that is not human, not least the grizzly that isn't Yogi Bear, and is after your head not your picnic basket.