Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dr Owen's Diagnosis

Gordie appears to have succumbed to the Hubris Syndrome - an exciting new medical condition identified by big-arsed Dr Owen. The syndrome has struck poor blameless Gordo at an unprecedentedly early stage in his tenure of prime ministerial power and has already had, as we saw over the weekend, catastrophic consequences (nemesis, as we doctors call it). This could be a new, exceptionally virulent form of the syndrome.
Apparently the root meaning of Hubris is a good beating-up - but it seems the pugilistic era in politics finally died with the Mighty Prezza. Ah well, a man can dream - and Dave did promise us a bare knuckle fight at some point, didn't he?


  1. Owen has written a devastating critique of the way that Bush and Blair manipulated intelligence and failed to plan for the aftermath of taking Baghdad.

    How long will it be before The Vatican adds the failure to devise a proper postwar plan to the seven deadly sins?

  2. Nige, please take care making off-hand comments like that. I was recently cited in Gordon Ramsay's court case over remarks I made about him being a bare-knuckle fighter. We men in false Groucho moustaches and glasses must take care.

  3. Thanks for that, David - brilliant! My fear is that Owen's people will be after me about his notoriously large bottom...

  4. Thanks Nige. I am quite proud of it.

    Although David Owen is the only famous person I've met, I can't confirm his large bottom. He does have big hands, though, which is surely evidence to back up your theory.

  5. Not surprised he's written a book about it; David Owen should know quite a bit about hubris.
    Do these politicians not have a sense of the ridiculous? Gordon Broon on Courage is another comic tour de force.