Wednesday, October 03, 2007

One Small Step For Mann..

On this day in 1965, a British band became the first to play behind the Iron Curtain. Bet you can't guess who it was... Give up? It was Manfred Mann, of Doo-Wah-Diddy fame. In 1965, the Reds could have done a lot worse.


  1. Prague I believe. When you say first, and I'm splitting hairs here, I assume you mean Western band?

    But many jazz bands played in Poland in the 1950s (Dave Burnham comes to mind) as does the Australian band led by Graeme Bell who certainly played in Prague in the late 1940s. Dave Brubeck played Poland in 1958.

    Actually Nige most people thought most jazzers were Commies!

  2. Yes Richard - western pop/rock - the deadly virus that wld destroy the whole edifice. David Hasselhoff was for years a Huge Rock Star behind the Iron Curtain, which somehow says it all.