Monday, February 18, 2008

Back To The Future...

Well, Bryan may not be blogging, but his legacy is everywhere. By moving in to that retro 70s style apartment block in what he insists on calling Notting Hill (now he's citing Chesterton in support), he unleashed a full-on 70s revival in the government of the always style-conscious Gordo. After Fluoride (see my post of 5 Feb), the latest blast from the past is Nationalisation, as Alistair (Move Over) Darling unveils his bold vision for Northern Rock (no link because you'd have to be living in a cave to have missed this story). To add to the retro feel, the Betamax-VHS style battle of the HD formats - between Sony's BluRay and Toshiba's HD DVD - seems to be coming to an end, with Toshiba admitting defeat (no link because I can't find one - trust me on this). It can only be a matter of time before Ed Balls decrees that every child must have a Space Hopper. Now, where did I put those crushed velvet loon pants?


  1. Actually, you were wearing brown cords decorated with Japanese characters, a cheap silk scarf and a double breasted velvet jacket. I know i was there

  2. Ah yes - that was last week...

  3. The difference between now and the seventies is that Sony won this time.