Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here's another irritating new habit of the interviewed classes - or at least the, if you will, Brownite wing thereof. This is for politicians to supply their own question while supposedly giving answers - as in 'Blah blah blah. Why do I say that? Because, firstly...' or 'Blah blah balh. What do I mean by that? What I mean is...' The boy Milliband is especially prone to it, but he is not alone. It is, I think, an extension of Hal's patented interview technique - roll over all interviewers by simply keeping on and on and on talking, until they (and we) lose the will to live, let alone try to get an answer to a question. Self-interviewing - the way of the future, if you will. Let the circle of Brownian dialectic be unbroken.


  1. In terms of irritating BS techniques have you noticed that G&A both literally sing from the same sheet/ Some uberwriter locks in the phrase "becaue it is the right thing to do".

    The Right Thing to do - irritating beyond belief and definitely the new TINA.

  2. Spot on, as usual, Bryan.
    I blame the journalists to some extent, for not pushing the question. Yesterday, at 11am, El Gordo and his fall guy, sorry Chancellor, were supposed to be 'grilled' (according to the BBC trailer) by the assembled hacks about the Northern Wreck.
    Broon ignored the questions and drivelled on insultingly to the questioner about his marvellous management of the economy. Not one of the questioners tried to get him to answer or at least point out that he hadn't answered the question he'd been asked. it was all a sight too chummy with Gordo pointing at a hack "Yes, Colin?" or "Jim?" or whoever.
    Now there may be conventions of politeness and if they don't obey them they won't be let in again, but there is also the common courtesy of answering a perfectly reasonable question rather than another one that wasn't asked.
    If the Prime Minister of the country will not do that then what's the point of the exercise?
    It seems to me that at the very least the questioner should quietly point out that his question has not been answered "I actually wanted you to answer the question I asked, do you think you could do that?"
    or preface it with "If I ask you a question will you answer it or one of your own devising?"
    Whatever the session was, it was not a grilling - far too cosy and all on the same side.
    I wanted them to ask "why is it good for the taxpayer and better than just letting it go bankrupt?"

  3. rather like most of our comments, Nige.

  4. There's an interview with George Bush and an Irish interviewer where everytime she tries to make a point (e.g. to point out that he's lying) he gets angry and snaps: "Can I finish? Just let me answer the question, then you can speak." This allows him to spin off on an irrelevant tangent and of course lie, and for her interjections to this effect to seem rude. He is a bad man.

  5. You're right elberry, it is badness. It's a gross breach of trust to lie to those whose interests you claim to represent. If you were a professional man you'd be struck off, or whatever, but as a politician you get away with it because you can. But the damage is immense and nearly irreparable.

  6. Talking about Milly Band,has anyone noticed his strangeness ?
    I have a theory that the scientists strangeness idea has at last become reality and is living in the Westminster village, Milly, bastard child of quark.
    If you couple up his aura to that of the premier bunch of generators of crawling skin, the Blair - Brown women, then armageddon will truly have arrived. Has anyone twigged the remarkable similarity between them and Charlie Mansons lasses, I well remember the TV coverage of the time.
    Why Charlie? that sweet, kindly man, how could you accuse him of murder?

    Why Tony - Gordon? those sweet, kindly men, how could you accuse them of being lying, cheating, incompetent fools?
    There are some differences however, Charlies women were attractive, articulate and believable.

    Taking about remarkable similarities, has anyone noticed Mrs Blairs doppelganger?
    ....Bergmans Monstatos, one difference...Cherie wouldn`t fancy shagging Pamina, she`s heavily involved in screwing the British public, via the legal aid system.
    Ah well, we live in the hope that, one day soon, the saucer will land again and take them all home.

    Sit Gort, sit!