Monday, February 25, 2008

Tap Water Tops Oscars

Uhoh, no Appleyard - and nothing really to say about the Oscars (a ceremony also known as the Gay Superbowl, I understand). A sensible(ish) scaled-down ceremony, sensible (or at least predictable and comprehensible) winners, only a couple of hysterical speeches, only one minor Oscar for At*nement, and yet again no Oscar for the 20 times nominated sound guy Kevin O'Connell. Dull really. This other LA ceremony sounds more interesting. I had no idea there were awards for the best tasting tap water, but it confirms my own strong impression that tap water varies a lot and in London often tastes pretty unpleasant - unpleasant enough to justify buying bottled water in restaurants, despite all the recent tappist strictures. Now, as the sun is shining, I am going for a walk. I may be some time.


  1. I'm wading through The Thames, Peter Ackroyd's book on the sacred river, and he tells me by the time the water reaches London, every drop has been consumed by eight people along the way (this implies that every drop consumed somehow finds it's way back into the Thames which seems a little far fetched but you get the gist).

    Anyway. it begs me to ask the question; what do homeopathists drink?

  2. Glad to read a kindred spirit. I wrote on tapwater on my blog too.
    (also on Oscars)