Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Bicentenary

It was on this day that, in 1848, Marx and Engels puiblished the Communist Manifesto, with what regrettable consequences the world now knows... However, it was also on this day 40 years earlier that the great Honoré Daumier was born - so that makes today his bicentenary. Looking at his Le Ventre Legislatif, it's hard not to think of Michael Martin, especially after yesterday's depressing scenes in the Commons.


  1. Brilliant! Is that Michael Foot (centre, second row up) at the time known as Michel Pouce and clearly contemplating an early move to Wales, where he reckoned he would become twelve times greater as a Foot than a Pouce.

  2. Love it! But I thought "ventre" was "throat," not "belly." Translator's art at work, I suppose.