Monday, February 11, 2008

Masculinism: Time to Burn Stuff

I think I see a pattern emerging here. We seem to be heading for positive discrimination in favour of men. Feminism is dead; long live masculinism. It had to happen. The questions is: lacking bras, what do we burn? Football shirts, that should get their attention.


  1. "They lack social skills and a sense of responsibility. They hang around on street corners, and get sucked into crime and antisocial behaviour. They struggle to find worthwhile work, if they are looking for work at all."

    Sounds like a pretty good description of our 'honorable' members right now! People in glass houses and all that.

  2. Come on, burning stuff isn't the answer. And it probably wouldn't be good for the environment either. Instead, we should all grow beards and refuse to hoover.

  3. Unfortunately I don't have one to burn on account of my underdeveloped moobs.

    (I'm sounding like a broken record but I've really no idea who this Jeremy guy is).

    refuse to hoover?! i've just noticed that. I feel like I feel when I find myself drinking in the wrong pub...

  4. actually, wait. isn't burning stuff exactly what masculinity is for? barbecues, for instance, and those bloody pyromaniac neighbours who, despite millions of years of human advancement, are still attempting to make fire by trial and error, every third sunday. hey, caveman! we have green bin collection now, big lorry, come tuesday, lots noise!

  5. In the captainate I am regularly traduced for polishing our copper pots, the highlight of my week, apart from watching the dustmen at 7am on Wednesdays. I am told that they (the pots not the bin men) look better dulled and discoloured by fire. Apropos masculinity. Remember the body-building Telegraph editor who at 6pm told his staff to say he'd gone to the pub, when he was actually in the gym......

  6. It's never about just about discrimination. It's the cumulative effect of life being unfair. In truth, any fair-minded jury today looking at young men will have to believe that they are in a deeply deprived mental state, and probably have been for quite some time. Certainly, ever since the proposal which has recently emerged in a six-month review of prostitution laws by ministers from three government departments, that they are considering to make it illegal to pay for sex.

    When that happens you know the lunatics are running the asylum.

    My services alone cost £ 750 a night plus breakfast. I cannot possibly provide that for free. Treatment is designed to raise self-esteem by providing positive discrimination in terms of more sex-based apprenticeships, issuing practical measures to tackle family breakdown and joblessness, and encourage >social entrepreneurs< - such as myself - to re-engage young men in the art of living their lives positively!

    Chris Grayling, if there is a government scheme for subsidizing social entrepreneurs, please sign me up!


    P.S.: Feel free to refer to my blog for forthcoming instructions!

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  8. I agree, Nige. £750 is a bit steep.