Thursday, February 28, 2008

Harry, Drudge, Guido

So Harry is in Afghanistan. The media had kept quiet about this to protect the lives of Harry and others. Matt Drudge did not keep quiet. He broke the story, thus endangering lives. I wonder if Guido still hero worships Drudge. I don't.


  1. Thus ?. And you have a measure. Could you give it to the remainder of those MEN who are there.
    It is the one place where all are a target, and at all times.
    And the odd thing about this is that your average Afgani might have a real belief that he matters.

  2. Jon Snow and Channel 4 news sunk to new depths tonight in their efforts to spin this story as evidence of how terrible our media is in the UK for daring to not report this fact. He compared state control of the media in the UK with China!

  3. It was a woman's mag in Oz ( wot done it Bryan!

  4. Neither Harry nor any other British people armed to the teeth and called "soldiers" should be in Afganistan.