Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For The Mad Major

Uhoh, Appleyard's done a runner again... Me I'm back at NigeCorp, wrestling with the steam-age technology (among other things). Yesterday - already it seems so long ago - I was on sunny Box Hill, where, as usual, I paused to pay respects at the grave of this fine fellow. As I awoke today - to hear the United Nations (united only in their loathing of America) ranting about 'show trials' at the prospect of the 9/11 gang facing justice, and some jazz nut screaming 'cultural rape' in response to the closing down of The Jazz, a failed digital radio channel - it seemed to me that the good Major was surely right about the world being topsy turvy.


  1. Agreed. One can only hope that once the benefits of torture are recognised (there hasn't been a single terrorist incidenct in America since 9/11) the police will be given the necessary powers to torture as well.
    I'm convinced this will bring crime right down and if our prime minister is sane will emulate them over here.

  2. Yes, the Mad Major does sound a fine fellow. He seems to have settled on wanting some eminently sensible things from life, a world apart from billionaire My Lord Speculator types and their insatiable demands, and he got them. How many of us can say that? A little cruel of history to have called him mad, then. Saner than sane by the sound of it.

    Box Hill is high on my list as I've never been there; and besides, I can visit Ryka's Cafe at the same time. As for the radio, turn it off or tune into some music. Most of the material called news these days is complete rubbish anyway, an unhealthy brew of propaganda, press releases, state coercion, begging and sinister and usually unfounded predictions.

    It's simply beautiful outside today and I'm not going to let the latest "news" from America spoil it. Enjoy the moment! One thing we can be sure of: tomorrow there will be even more bad news. Oh, I tell a lie. It's arrived even sooner. The news has just announced that many thousands of us will shortly perish in a giant heatwave.