Saturday, February 09, 2008

Obsolete Technology Update

Last year it was the tape cassette - now another one bites the dust. Polariod seemed such a brilliant idea at the time, didn't it, even if you had to peel the film apart and spend ages waving the print about and blowing on it to dry it off, and it was a rubbish picture anyway - and then, over time, it would fade away altogether. Brilliant! Having been out and about with my spiffy new digital camera yesterday, I must say this seems an almost frighteningly good technology. Mind you, I'd probably have said the same about Polaroid back in the day. That's technology for you. But it's always faintly sad when a once vibrant, all-conquering technology finally reaches the end of the road.


  1. Ashes to ashes... not quite life on mars - first episode, '' ...and he used phone cards to make the calls.''

    gene hunt: ''flash bastard!''

  2. loosely connected to the man who fell to you recall his invention of a camera which not only developed its prints instantaneously but the images produced were from angles never imagined by the photographer? just think, if photographs looked nothing like what we see with our eyes?

  3. My photos do look like nothing we see with our eyes! Although, I have to say, since I picked up a digital, the quality of my output has improved somewhat.

    On the demise of the polaroid, I wasn't even aware it was still knocking around. My parents had one. I know this because I have a faded picture of me when I was about two - the only picture I have of me younger than five or six in fact. My folks weren't that snap-happy apparently. It's a shame really, as I adore photos and would love to have more. They might have helped me remember my childhood a bit better. As it stands, I have practically no memory of my first 6 years. My own children won't have the same problem.