Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jeff on Matisse

There's something wrong with Jeff's permalinks, but I've started the ball rolling as Richard with a fascinating discussion on whether Matisse was a game of two or three halves on his gripping post Russians at the Royal Academy. We must drag him kicking and screaming upmarket. 
One other good way of doing this is to buy the paperback of my book. Ross Leckie at The Times thinks you should.


  1. Done & dusted - this day at 3:50 pm.

    Whether it will go through or not, I have no idea...


  2. Yours got through, Selena - mine's waiting. And he's posted twice since that one - the man is unstoppable...

  3. your cover's not as good as his - is it because you're only no.2?

  4. Your book: a lottery. As seen on the way to dharma class this evening: in Oxford, Blackwells only have a Simon & Schuster tpb (11.99, I think) under Biology. Borders have it in a far bottom corner, nearly at floor level, under "Ageing" and next to inspirational volumes like "Look Better, Feel Better, Live Longer" whereas it needs to be in life sciences, imho, where the sexy books are. First prize goes to Waterstones who've got it displayed face out in their science section with a "We recommend" label, so that boy dun good. It's a good selling cover, imho, very easy to pick out from a mass of other books on a shelf or table.