Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking Aurelian News

I thought it would happen sooner, in view of the balmy weather - but today I saw my first butterfly of the year. A red admiral it was, sunning itself on a hedge in Holland Park... How can I, that butterfly sitting there, my attention fix On English or American or Australian politics?


  1. I saw my first meerkat of the year today, perched on the shoulder of a woman in central Oxford. I noticed she was holding it rather firmly, though. Perhaps they like jumping down, biting a passer-by on the ankle and then darting back up. First time I've seen one kept as a pet, and it was a charmer. Now I expect they'll turn up everywhere.

    If you saw that butterfly in London then I fear it may have been a plastic one. Turn it over and you'll find "Gordon rockz my world" printed on the underside. Gordon's sectaries are distributing them all over London's green spaces in a mistaken attempt to create the impression that the old Stalinist is really a hang-loose nature-lovin' talent-spottter who likes trash TV.

  2. Dear Lord, a meerkat! Not surprised she was holding on firmly - vicious little brutes, given half a chance. Give me a ferret on a lead any day.

  3. Anonymous Nicotine AddictFebruary 13, 2008 10:11 pm

    I saw a chameleon sitting on a fence once. At least I think it was a fence, it might have ben sitting on top of another chameleon that was sitting on a fence.

  4. saw one yesterday as well - unidentified as I had the blind drawn, just a shadow flitting across on the other side.

    and there's a hawthorn tree in the park with blossoms and berries, not sure if it's ahead of itself or behind.