Friday, February 15, 2008

We Don't Want Your Money

Polly and Guido are worked up about this non-dom thing - how or if we tax the stupendously rich foreigners in, primarily, London. (I am amused, incidentally, by Polly's remark that 'bravery is not Brown's forte'. The Brownies are plainly losing faith in their ability to reform the man.) My own view of the rich non-doms is possibly irresponsible - they should go. London could do with being poorer, cheaper, quieter and better-mannered. But I suppose, politically, that would be a hard sell.


  1. Can't we take their money and send them packing anyway - sort of Affluent Exit Tax?

    The super-rich come in two types, those who make it too easily and those who don't deserve it. they'll all thank us for it in the end.

  2. In theory you're right. In practice most of us who live and work in London are, as someone described it on the wireless the other day, their butlers. I'm definitely a butler and I want to be able to pay for my broadband connection to be able to get Thought Experiments.

    And I remember London in the Seventies. Never again, Deo Volenti.