Sunday, February 24, 2008

David On Grey, Hill On Barack

I was determined to get through this week without mentioning Radio 4's iconic - nay, flagship - programme, A Point Of View with Professor David Cannadine (not, be it noted, David N. Cannadine, or D. N. Cannadine). However, this week the man found his perfect subject - the colour grey. By the time he had wheeled out Grey's Elegy, I was helpless with laughter - but it only gets better - Cilla Black, The Monkees (who 'explored the complexities of grey')... a true Cannadine tour de force, building laboriously to a sublimely lame peroration. The man is really on a roll just now. But enough - I promise I shan't mention him again next week (but I do urge you to listen).
Meanwhile, to return to US politics, am I alone in finding Hill's 'fierce' denunciation pretty lame? Obama's response of polite bewliderment is, of course, spot-on - the Clinton campaign is surely dead in the water. In Australia, his retort would have been - in the words of one politician to another whose career was plainly coming to an end - 'Time to move on, cobber - the dingoes are pissing on your tucker.'

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  1. I swear he's trying to be dull and boring so Radio 4 can finally bury the former 'Letter from America' slot. I managed to keep a straight(ish) face until he mentioned Cilla; after that, I was reduced to hog-whimpering laughter . . .