Monday, February 04, 2008

Hamburger Eats Man

I think you ought to know that if you're fat and planning a trip to Mississipi, don't expect to eat out. But, to be honest, my real reason for drawing your attention to this story is the accompanying picture of a hamburger eating a man. Happens all time, of course, but it's never been caught on camera before.


  1. oh look, have you dined on another P, Bryan? btw, there was someone coming on the Today this morning, bemoaning the present state of journalism - I was hoping I was going to hear your voice again. however, I arrived here at the office before he came on.

  2. here you go, morally bankrupt

    I can't hear it - something to do with firewalls!... so who is the mystery voice?

  3. Iwish this had been a UK law when I had a restaurant- just for the fun of it!!