Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bust that Paradigm

In case you were wondering what happened to the Raelians, I have news. Mr Michael Bennett, whom Rael preserve, emails me thus: 
I am reading your excellent book, Aliens why are they here, and  I am wondering, if you have read Intelligent Design Message from the Designers, by Rael.? A copy can be downloaded in PDF format, from Embedded in this story is a paradigm busting theory, which allows for a common sense explanation for the original purpose of all forty of the world religions and at the same time an understanding for the agenda behind the ever increasing appearance, of the REAL ufos. I say real, as opposed to the craft that may be observed from time to time,resulting from retro-engineering of those crashed saucers in the 1940s you mention in your book. Once you understand the scientific concept of the Message, then all else falls into place.
As I have lost my grip, this seems quite persuasive.


  1. you'll find a spare grip in the knife drawer, Bryan - that's where we keep ours.

  2. One of my deranged readers advised that Jesuits are behind the alien sightings. Apparently the Jesuits are planning to cull 80% of the human race (a good idea) and are somehow preparing by faking alien sightings. Or something.

    Oh, and you and A A Gill apparently know the real story about 9/11, as do all journalists - the Jesuits told you, apparently, and everything you write is designed to cover up this awful truth. While this may seem contrary to common sense, apparently that's how the Jesuits do things.