Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Warren Buffett

I don't know much about Warren Buffett but I like the idea of a man who is relentlessly self-deprecating, lives in Omaha, can invest the hell out of everybody else on the planet, is leaving billions to the Gates Foundation and, now, can make stock markets leap with a stroke of his pen. He says of his scheme to bail out the wretched monoline insurers - 'When I go to St Peter I will not present this as some act that will entitle me to get in. We're doing this to make money.' Don't worry, Warren, you're in. God's heavily invested in US real estate.


  1. You're such a romantic Bryan.
    How self-deprecating would he be if he was skint?
    Is he not too pleased with himself to allow himself to appear pleased with himself?

  2. Quite possibily, Philip. And it's good to be called a romantic for once.