Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hal: Another View

We bloggers may scoff and sneer, but 'Jacqui' Smith has the measure of the man - Hal, she drools, combines the best qualities of.... No, I can't go on. Meanwhile, on the home front, this little chap remains the man to watch. 'Andy' has had a topping wheeze - inflict five hours a week of 'culture' (whatever that might be) on the nation's schoolchildren. It's all part of the project to make Britain a 'creative hub' (ditto). His defence of it on the Today programme this morning was masterly in its eloquence, grasp and sheer intellectual depth. An inspired appointment, Gordon- in fact, two.


  1. Hmm - something wrong with that second link, I think. Anyway, it's to 'Andy Who?' posted on Feb. 8.

  2. yes, 'this little chap' appears to refer to Bryan.