Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jeff's Latest

Feeling idly destructive in the way one often does in the later stages of a hangover, I have commented on Jeff's latest post under the pseudonym 'Richard'. This concerns the interesting matter of whether the late Victorians/Edwardians were more or less fashion conscious than us. I think you should all get involved. 


  1. i tried commenting on his blog a few times but none of my comments appeared, even though some were relatively tame. i get the impression he only approves comments from personal acquaintances, indeed people he was at Eton or prison with.

  2. He never posts my messages either. I think it's a Richard&Judy Book Club related snub.

  3. He has comment moderation turned on, or at least he has now.

  4. My comment from a couple hours ago is under moderation, and I hope to see it tomorrow. I cited page 1 of the 1846 book The Book of Costume: Or, Annals of Fashion; from the Earliest Period to the Present Time by Mary Margaret Stanley Egerton Wilton, Lady of rank:

    Dress, considered merely as a covering for the body, and as a means of promoting warmth, needs no explanation. In the early ages, it was simple as the manners of the people who invented it. Leaves, feathers, and skins, formed the clothing of our first parents. As civilization gradually spread over the world, and as the invention and genius of man found means to change a raw hide into leather, the wool of sheep into cloth, the web of a worm into silk, flax and cotton into linen; to extract from herbs, flowers, woods, minerals, and insects, dyes and colours that vie with the rainbow in richness and variety; mankind gave way to the caprices of vanity; they quitted the simple garments of their forefathers, and gradually gave themselves up to an almost incredible degree of luxury and extravagance in the adornment of their persons.


  5. I can't believe he once did bird. he is the jesus of mild - I can't do it, I tell you!

    (your advertisements are very annoying this morning)

  6. i like the idea of this 'idly destructive' Appleyard. The thing is to integrate him with the everday Appleyard so instead of emerging only post-boozing, he is the default Appleyard. Wonder how long it would take for your stuff to become unprintable anywhere...

    Or perhaps indeed it is time for you to inherit the Mantle of Hunter S Thompson.

  7. people he was at Eton or prison with..

    ...which sets me wondering, what could you possibly learn at Eton, that Prison does not teach you?

    That apart, my comment has duly appeared on Jeffrey’s website! Needless to say, I placed it largely in the tender acknowledgment of Jeff’s past romantic preferences, and the hope, of course, that he might visit my blog and avail himself of one of the services presently on offer.

    mmmaaahhh....I’m mush!


  8. I have been commenting on His Lordships Blog for ages... He is the only famous person I know.