Friday, July 06, 2007

So That's It Then...

... Sven the Swede and Thak the Thai have got control of Manchester City, the only football club I ever cared about. I have said before this would be the end. But, Brit was right, I'm stuck with them. I've been with them through thick and thin, I can be with them through Thak and Sven.


  1. 'be with them through Thak and Sven'

    Terrible. Really terrible.

  2. River of DeceitJuly 06, 2007 6:44 pm

    I don't follow football too much, but isn't Sven a good manager?

  3. Susan B., giggling,July 06, 2007 8:26 pm

    "...Thak and Sven" -- funny, really funny.

    Jim Crace told me about some pun contest held annually in England. I can see why it's there!

  4. one of my ex-tutors, who sounds like Uncle Monty from Withnail & I, hearing i'm in Manchester, said "Oh well, you'll have good football there, since you like underdogs."

    "Aren't Manchester United supposed to be quite good?" i ventured.

    "Oh my boy, I'm not talking about Manchester United! The OTHER team!"

  5. That's right, River of Deceit, Sven is an excellent manager, with a superb grasp of tactics.

  6. I just hoping he manages to do for Manchester City, what he did for England...

  7. elberry: United are the OTHER team.

    They are in Manchester, but not of it.

    Susan: Puns are not supposed to make you laugh. They're supposed to make you groan in agony - which as a communal experience is far more satisfying.

  8. Thai Tak rings a bell. Wasn't he an airport in Hong Kong at one time?