Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amy Winehouse Issues

Amy Winehouse's father in law, the improbably named Giles Fielder-Civil, suggests we should stop buying her records as a way of forcing her to seek treatment for whatever bad habits she and Blake Fielder-Civil, her even more improbably named husband, have acquired. This is a remarkable idea that opens up an entrancing world of possibilities. If we stopped buying Elton John's records, would he stop shopping? If we stopped buying Pete Doherty's records ... oh, we already did. If I stopped putting up pictures, would you stop writing captions? If I stopped reading Amanda's blog, would it cease to exist? Deep waters indeed. But perhaps the most important point is that, if Amy had followed the American famous person habit of using both married and maiden names, she would be called Amy Winehouse-Fielder-Civil, which sound as though it ought to be some kind of pun but isn't. Don't worry. August is almost over.


  1. At last - you've found the subject about which nobody has anything to say. Including, I need hardly add, me.

  2. I know that I should know something about Ms. Winehouse since she was on the cover of Rolling Stone but I can't make myself care. But I will support Mr. Fielder-Civil-War by not buying any of Ms. Wino-house's records if that will make him happy.