Friday, August 31, 2007

The Thought Experiments Christmas Number One

Hey it's still August, so we can't ignore this piece of cutting-edge research. Bloggers, your challenge is to come up with a song incorporating all the top words - love, she, lord, party, say, like, buy, money, want and (why not?) Christmas. A festive number one is ours for the taking...


  1. Say Lord! She loves to party like it's Christmas (and my money buys her what she wants)

    But I think it also needs to be noted that short, snappy titles tend to sell better than ridiculously long ones...

  2. I think we should aim to get the words into the 'hook' as it were, rather than pile them all into the title. Title could be Lord I Love Money or something.

  3. I'm afraid this would have to be a cover version:

    "Can buy me love"

    She'll buy you killer bling my friend if her Christmas goes all right
    She'll buy up everything my friend if the party lasts all night
    Lord I really care a lot for money, money can buy me love

    It's awful, isn't it.

  4. Awful and yet strangely fab Mark.
    But perhaps we're all on the wrong track and the sure way to a hit would be to set this to music. Wasn't John Lennon's reprobate father once allowed into a recording studio to make a deeply embarrassing single, or was that just a bad dream?

  5. No, Nige, you are confusing John Lennon's father with John Lennon.

  6. Now, now, Peter.

    The Santa Delusion.
    Just the title, but I'm working on it.

  7. Extensive researches reveal that John Lennon's father, Freddy, did indeed release a single called That's My Life (My Love and My Home) in 1965. Lennnon Jr tried to get it suppressed, but it did receive some airplay.