Wednesday, August 15, 2007


... in the changing room. 
'I had some fuschias but their heads all dropped off in the fog.'
Does this happen? I think we should be told.


  1. more importantly, why were you in a changing room? Was it a Top Gun style sauna with sculpted male beauties trotting around in the altogether, saying things like "there's two 'O's in Goose" and "you can be my wingman any day" and "this is what I call a target-rich environment"?

  2. I was in a changing room to swim, Elberry, and the occupants were pot-bellied males with fuschias.

  3. ...pot-bellied males with fuschias.

    If I were trying to capture the postmodern spirit in one image, I couldn't beat that.

  4. why would anyone lie about that.

    I know, the old busman's holiday, but you could have asked the pot-bellies themselves!

  5. Shit happens, Bryan - get over it, move on, there'll be another fuchsia - an alternative fuchsia as it were...
    (By the way, the sign of the true, nay pathological, pedant is to pronounce it fooksia - tho that does seriously lower its pun potential.)

  6. What I want to know is what were the pot-bellied men doing to make the fuschias' heads drop off. It could be a better warning to kiddies than going blind.

  7. Susan B., lap swimmer,August 15, 2007 3:04 pm

    Your fellow swimmers only kill fuchsias. Where I swim laps, the old people hog the pool in full snorkel regalia, taking a lane and a half each for their slow cruises up and down.

    If I happen to arrive when the other half of the pool is filled with little kids getting their weekly lessons, I'm lucky if I have half a lane to myself.

    A couple of weeks ago, one of the old men was about to get in as I was getting out. He was staring at me so ferociously I thought I'd have to say something rude to him. Then I noticed why: My new swimsuit had shifted and one breast was fully exposed -- for a second, I wasn't sure which of us would have a heart attack first.

  8. ...what were the pot-bellied men doing to make the fuschias' heads drop off...

    No, no, Anthony - you must read more carefully. It was the fog what diddit.

  9. Perhaps the loss of the fuschia heads is a symbol of the loss of innocence, as in Paradise Lost, where the roses fade as Eve gobbles up the fruit.

    i suspect Susan's breasts may be to blame for the fuschia heads.