Friday, August 24, 2007

You Can't Judge A Book...

I suppose, in these strange times, we must get used to wildly inappropriate repackaging of literary classics - maybe it gets more people to buy them, even read them, even gain something from doing so, maybe - but this takes, does it not, the biscuit.
By the way, the lost video from my wilderness years with the Finnish Village People is now the number one viral video. And no wonder.


  1. Now that would rock Amanda's socks off.

  2. Emma wouldn't know what to do with those "buns of steel." In her day, zaftig was in!

  3. Ah zaftig, yes - lovely word...
    Emma was surely cul de poire.

  4. This blog is beginning to go all pear-shaped.

  5. If Manolo Blahnik co-wrote Madame Bovary, which appears to be the case according to The Conran Shop, why has Penguin Classics so disgracefully failed to acknowledge this hitherto unknown literary genius by omitting his name from the front cover?

    I can't work out what those hands are doing; is it a round of applause, or is it someone preparing the after-sun cream?