Monday, August 20, 2007

The Long Weekend

Okay I've been a bad blogger. But I have learned many things over the course of this Long Weekend.
1)Amanda knows the word 'risible' and Jeff likes Grease.
2)The Stone Hall in Houghton Hall, Norfolk, is, perhaps, the most extraordinary interior in England.
3)I cook better than Gordon Ramsay and with fewer expletives.
4)There is a god and he supports City.
5)It is best not to bring up the subject of trolls or Norway at dinner parties.
6)British children ought to be gagged and bound before being allowed in public eating places. They should also be told repeatedly that they are ugly and uninteresting in order to prevent excessive self-esteem
7)Vladimir Putin's sense of humour is a little awry.
8)The Jewish joke is alive and well.
Normal service will now be resumed.


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  2. re, #4, there is a God and if the summer is anything to go on, he has a strong sense of humour.

  3. i liked the Cold War, it had a lot going for it. i love those creaky old Soviet bombers, and the sleek wonder of the SU-27 and Mig-29. It might well be time for a proper apocalypse. Would be interesting to have a proper all-out nuclear and conventional war long after everyone stopped worrying about Russia.

  4. susan b., sad mama,August 20, 2007 2:21 pm

    i'm going to have to continue to be irrelevant for awhile. i'm spending my spare time watching home movies of my children as toddlers and precocious young school children.

    ou sont les neiges d'antan????


    sorry, i have to go and reminisce now.

  5. Perhaps with global warming, now is the time for another March on Moscow. Positively barmy in winter I hear.