Thursday, August 16, 2007

Education News

As today's A-Level results show yet another dramatic slump in pass rates, a government minister has lashed out at a 'generation of idiots and wasters'.
At a private meeting, education minister Jim Placefiller said the results were yet more proof that today's youngsters were 'totally ignorant', had no desire to learn, and were a 'bunch of useless slackers. They know nothing. Nothing.'
He went on to condemn today's teachers as 'a waste of skin. Ignorant, talentless, and totally incapable of teaching anything. And the heads couldn't run a tap, let alone a school.' The only way forward, he said, was to 'sack the lot of them', close down the colleges of education, demolish the comprehensives, reduce the school leaving age to 14, and start all over again.
Mr Placefiller was unavailable for comment today.


  1. A good example of the lunacy of spin & PR, that the G thinks dishing out A grades & Firsts will make the youngsters intelligent. Maybe 'perception is reality' for the politicians, but only because they're insane. No one in the right mind thinks education is not disintegrating.

  2. A sort of big bang Mr Nige?