Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vidia & Ant & Dec

In The Sunday Times today I interview Sir Vidia Naipaul and Ant & Dec. This would appear to be evidence either of my phenomenal range or my abject inability to be consistently serious. Or it could be that the ST sees me as some kind of great writer/TV presenters specialist. The hat is back because the mystery donor I mentioned in a previous post was, in fact, Vidia. It will be worn today as loyal commenter Grabber and I sell books at a village fete in Norfolk. He calls me Thumper, but we won't go into that.


  1. I trust there will be pictures of you and Grabber at the book stall - good for a caption maybe, and a record 3rd appearance for the Hat (yes a hat trick). He's not the Grabber I knew at St Custards is he?

  2. And a very excellent profile of Sir Vidia it is too. The chuckle is well-sustained. Extraordinary how the multiculti academic scum have marginalised him in favour of their tax-payer funded researched monographs on trans gender body art in the Weimar Republic. The only other thing worth reading in the two papers we get on board is john O'Sullivan's excellent piece on Anarchy UK in the Sunday Telegraph. What a loss to British journalism he is. Must go. Someone has thrown me another rat.

  3. "After nearly 170 years, starting with Dickens, everything that a novel could do has been done ..." said Naipaul

    The revenge of the esssentially mediocre- they're not producing genius because it can no longer be done. Amusingly pathetic.

  4. Well, well, well. I had a colleague during my professorial days (a fellow from India) who had devoted his career to Naipaul. How disappointing it must be for him to know that V.S.N. scorns academia and all of its members.

    I must say, I don't like people who chuckle like that -- it's scary in the way clowns are scary. A funny sound but with a mean intent, usually. Didn't I read a piece by Theroux on Naipaul about what a savage fellow VSN can be? Better watch out, Bryan. That chuckle might be aimed at you, next.

  5. Grabber and Thumper are clearly good mates, but why those names? Is there an implied violence? Does Grabber grab a victim and Thumper thump? Is it the gang mentality? Do they spread fear across the Broads? If so, I'm amazed they're invited to village fetes, especially in the peace-loving county of Norfolk.

    The Naipaul article: typical BA, insightful, thought-provoking, funny (almost felt I heard that chuckle). Ant and Dec? I should have read it before the Naipaul; I didn't, and longed for the end; talk about anticlimax!

    I hope the ST sends Bryan up to Manchester soon to go where no writer has gone with any success, inside the mind of Sven. I'd contribute to expenses for that one.

    I've just this minute seen the picture from the fete; my worst fears are confirmed.

  6. there used to be a law in showbiz that if you could be known by your first name, you had made it. of course, you had be be blessed with an uncommon name. So then, Ant & Dec? I don't know, it still sounds to me like something you'd ask for in a hardware store.

    Got an insect infestation? Blocked drain? Nuts need loosening? Engine won't start on cold mornings? Then you need...Sir Vidia!

    (actually, that's not bad either though I'd probably try the pharmacist for it - good for tickly throat - and chuckles)

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