Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gordon's Strip Club Shame - But Not Yet

The amusing tale of the Australian opposition leader's strip club antics looks suspiciously like reverse spin to me - especially as he employs the Australian Defence, i.e. I was drunk at the time. This, after all, is the nation where a former PM, Bob Hawke, was valued more for his world record beer drinking feat (a yard in 11 seconds) than for anything else. Rudd had hitherto suffered from a notably dour, dull image. Maybe Our Gordon could pull off something like this himself, should his image need a fillip - heaven knows it would be very cheering to see him drunk and misbehaving in a strip club. Meanwhile, I am shocked to learn that Brown has his hair cut by Kevin Graham at Michaeljohn in Mayfair, at £160 a time. He pays £160 for that! They'll be telling us next he pays big money for those suits of his, rather than picking them up at Oxfam...


  1. 11 seconds is mighty fast. It took me a full half minute and then I was useless for anything else.

    Pity, becasue it was my 21st birthday and there were two delectable young fillies waiting to attend the birthday boy. Ho hum.

  2. Hoots, that's a muckle o bawbies - 160 poond! No mon alive e'er paid that for a hairrcut - awa and boil yer heed.
    Gordon Brown