Monday, August 27, 2007

For Miss South Carolina

Poor Miss South Carolina is now the global image of dumb blondehood thanks to her dazzling explanation of why so many Americans can't find their own country on a map. Amanda, of course, sees the girl as the 'victim/perpetrator of the patriarchy', which, I suppose, she is, though, since Amanda can't write prose and breathe at the same time, she should, perhaps, reserve judgment. This whole American 'Beauty Pageant' thing is easily lampooned. But one thing can be said in its favour. These girls aren't ZAGs. They want to do something properly, something that embeds them in a culture. It may be a silly thing, but it's not as silly as being a waitress who hates her job and her customers.


  1. Germaine Greer mentioned some years age that, some girls know to get on, the best thing behind their ears is their heels. I think she was on about Essex gels at the time.

  2. well the question sort of set the tone, and I wonder what Bush or Rumsfeld would have said? yeah, taking the piss out of this poor girl and they voted for bumbling Bush. Twice!

    I'm amazed they still have these pageant things. I mean, wtf is going on?

    hmmm, yes. one is silly, the other is possibly just unfortunate.

  3. Surely Amanda has a point. If only the young lady had a click moment, spurned the pageant and instead began weaving macrame plant holders to support the Womyn's Anarcho-Syndicalist Revolutionary Co-operative and Daycare Centre, wisdom and insight would flow from her lips. Non-stop, as a matter of fact.

    Once when asked what was the best thing about being a star, Britney Spears answered that it was the chance to travel overseas and visit places like Canada. She survived.

  4. Oh, Lord -- my son showed us this video last night and we could not stop laughing. The poor, idiotic girl ("U.S. Americans" -- love it). At least she was pretty; she'll go very far on her looks, no matter if her brain is the size of a plum.

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