Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How Not to Die 3

Inside today's super soaraway tabloid health section How Not to Die:
It's not your fault, Fatso - the vicious virus that makes you to pile on the pounds.
It is your fault, Lard-arse - taking part in ABC's reality show Fat March will kill you.
No, it's all skinny Putin's fault - stick-thin Russian boss wants to kill us all
And, finally, it's not her fault - hot tips on how not to die while waddling down to Selfridges to meet Nadine.


  1. Is there more than one Nadine then?! so, what's the collective noun for celebrity beauty editors?

  2. I'm afraid I still don't know what a CBE is, never met one.

  3. well it's hopeless... i'm not sure whether it's writing about beautiful celebrities or whether Nadine is the celebrity (as in ''celebrity chef'')

    it could be both and it could get out of hand at Wapping Press: ''Olay! Olay-olay-olay! Celebrity celebrity beauty editor beauty, Nadine Baggott, 26, gets moist for our lads in....''