Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meanwhile... A Heartwarmer

Hmmm well while I grapple with the technology required to view the lost vid (and God I was hoping that one would never get out), here's a heartwarming good news story from Somerset, whose county council deserves warm congratulations from all right-thinking people. On the other hand, you can't help marvelling at how rapidly the Victorians turned out the early volumes of the VCH...


  1. blokes get paid to write books - how daft is that? blokes get paid to write Sun headlines - now that's what I call earning!

    though I'm falling in love with online newspapers - you get readers comments, right as the story happens. read, think, comment - it's the future, no, it's right now. Of course, the best bit of any paper is what people think after reading it.

  2. Poor Mr. Dunning -- trapped in the circumlocution office of his head. All that material! So many cobbles in the Somerset roads to be mulled over, tested, broken into their component bits of gravel. And the grass! So many blades of it; then it becomes hay -- so many bales! And the people who passed through Somerset...the traveling players, the Queen and her entourage, a few notorious Americans -- Paris Hilton, lost on her way to London!

    Oh, yes. I can see why it cost millions of pounds and was never completed. The sun will never set on Somerset.